Memberships & Prices

Our paid services are available to those who would like to use the site in a more extensive manner, for example, our premium membership users are able to use the advanced search functionality, giving them the ability to perform searches based on different parameters. Below are listed our different types of membership.

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Free users: can create accounts, connect with their peers, interact via messages, chat, posts, update their statuses, view others profiles, upload pictures and videos, explore our business listings, add business to their favourites, search for other members via names.

Premium User: The paid premium membership is for users such as recruiters, employers, writers, career coaches or recruitment agencies consultants who would like to perform specific searches based on job titles, industries, skills and more. The Premium User has the added benefit of selling job-related products, such as career-related books, coaching sessions, development courses, mentorship courses, etc, a feature that is only available for this membership level. Premium Users are also able to post jobs.

Are you a recruiter? Then you should definitely give our contract-free premium membership a go. You will be able to perform detailed candidates’ searches, by skills, professions, job status, job industry and more.

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Free UserFree
Premium User29.00 CHF per month – Cancel anytime.